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Below are links of organizations related to child advocacy that may be helpful.

ABA Juvenile Justice Center -
Working to Improve Access to Counsel and the Quality of Representation for Children in the Juvenile Justice System. The goal of the Juvenile Justice Center is to advance the juvenile defense bar through training, technical assistance, information dissemination and advocacy.

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice -
The Center focuses on decreasing incarceration as a solution to juvenile crime. It has programs in San Francisco, Washington DC, and Maryland. The Center also provides technical assistance to state and local governments interested in alternatives to incarceration.

National Association of Child Advocates -
Medium-sized non-profit site. National organization devoted to creation and sustenance of state- and community-based child advocacy organizations.

Juvenile Law Center -
JLC works on behalf of children who have come within the purview of public agencies– for example, abused or neglected children placed in foster homes, delinquent youth sent to residential treatment facilities or adult prisons, or children in placement with specialized services needs.